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How travel agencies are adapting to technology, focusing on their strengths - Gainesville Times

And after spending 17 years as a high school and middle school band director, she realized she had planned quite a few band trips and even some other trips for her own family. Eventually, she thought she might as well be getting paid for it. She took the opportunity to begin working for a travel agency and has now owned her own, Becky’s Travel Biz, in Gainesville for the past two years. She’s been in the travel agency business for 14 years and said it’s changed quite a bit. “From when I started, Facebook was not even in the picture,” Smith said. “Social media coming into the picture has really kind of exploded my business on the positive side of things because it has allowed me to branch out to many other states, not just a localized situation.” Like others in the travel industry, she has learned how to adapt to changing customer habits in the internet age by maintaining a personal touch with clients. Mary Connatser works for Carlisle Travel Management, based out of California, but lives in Oakwood. She said when she started nearly 30 years ago, the travel agency business was “booming.” She went to Garber Travel School of America and went straight to work afterward. “Back in the 1980s, 1990s, those were the plentiful ages of travel agents,” Connatser said. “Airlines paid us commission, which they don’t now.” Even with social media revitalizing the travel agency business now, Connatser said those airlines caused the beginning of its struggles. She said the events of 9/11 led to travel coming to a standstill, too.

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Super Bowl cruises help visionary leader take travel agency big-time

Compton Herald | Lorraine Mayfield, Lavern Frazier While attending the university, Mayfield not only successfully met the rigors of academia, but she found time to serve as a beacon of leadership there and in the greater Redlands community evidenced by her induction into the Whitehead Leadership Society , an organization established in 1988 to encourage leadership and academic excellence. The diligent Mayfield fulfilled the WLS’s lofty goals through networking with alumni at Regional Alumni Chapter events and volunteerism. Mayfield’s classmates recognized these qualities in her and she was nominated for and received formal WLS recognition. This was no ordinary businessperson in the making. Mayfield possesses force of character, determination, and vision, the strength of which obviously rooted to her father, whom she said, “was highly intelligent, taught me a lot, and believed in me.” Lorraine Mayfield’s father died tragically at the hands of another when she was just 10 years old. She said she named her business after her father to honor his memory. The other half of Lorraine’s brilliance, resourcefulness, drive, and determination came from her hardworking mother who provided for the needs of Lorraine and two older siblings. “My mother was the breadwinner who did everything to make sure we were taken care of,” Mayfield said. Lorraine Mayfield and her mother, Lavern Frazier Lorraine Mayfield’s mother remarried, but her step-father, the victim of a heart attack, died when she was 16. Mayfield’s character was being molded at the time and she may not have known it then, but the strength for her journey was being infused into her.

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